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JA Financial Literacy for Michigan

JA Financial Literacy, is a one-semester teacher-led course that equips Michigan high school students with foundational personal finance skills, including how to:

  • Earn and save money
  • Manage money by being a wise consumer and creating and using a budget
  • Manage bank accounts, investments, and credit
  • Assess risks and use insurance
  • Address financial problems like identity theft and debt

The program incorporates projects throughout the semester and culminates in JA Finance Park. This virtual simulation puts students in control of their own “adult adventure” by selecting their persona based on career and education choices and will take a deep dive into financial consequences of life choices and decisions impacting long-term goals.

With nearly a third of Americans not having enough savings to cover expenses for one month, financial literary is more important than ever! Learn more about the current financial literacy crisis - and JA's solution - below!

New for the 2023-24 school year:

  • Updated content, including FAFSA, home ownership and cryptocurrency
  • Additional gradable student activities and assessments to fit a variety of classroom needs
  • New platform (coming Spring 2024)!

Why JA? Why Financial Literacy? And Why Now?

JA Financial Literacy

For more information about the JA Financial Literacy program, visit the JA Financial Literacy program page.

JA Finance Park (Virtual)

For more information about the JA Finance Park (Virtual) program, visit the JA Finance Park (Virtual) program page.

JA Personal Finance 2.0

For more information about the JA Personal Finance 2.0 program, visit the JA Personal Finance 2.0 program page.

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